The brighter side…

An ocean full of ordeals and a life full of possibilities, both lie in the same grounds of this mortal world. Hand in hand they go, one seemingly ever so stagnant at times. But the process continues of falling and rising again, of getting stuck amid the adversities and then, making our way out.
The choices not made, the promises not fulfilled, the feelings not expressed, the heights not reached, the complexities not fathomed…all of them are not whole, but a part of this life.

There will be new stars to be gazed, new saplings to be watered, new tasks to be accomplished, new phase of life to be lived.

Let’s not undermine the blessings that the future has in it’s womb for us.

Take a deeper look! There kindles the enthusiasm to look at the brighter side and to nurture our famished soul with the waters of a rosy outlook.

The lost words…

“Look.. I have written something for you. Read it out please” said she
“Please not again. You know it takes all the time and patience,” asserted he
“One last time?” pleaded she
“Later. See you. Bye” said he making his way out of the room
“Goodbye…” mumbled she

A loss felt and witnessed by her.. not a substantial one though ’cause somewhere in the middle of those words, she lost her voice, her say and her words…

She still bleeds her feelings on paper and each time bit more blue…

Loosening the tie…

Slowly and slowly, I loosen the tie
They search for my older self
So I shred a mask with every goodbye

They make me recall the promises I made and the ones I adore
Perplexed I am, being in the moment that’s not mine anymore

Why can’t they accept the changed facet of my life?
‘Cause that’s what I have finally become,pulsing out for better or worse with every strike
You still don’t get it, right?

I too dwell sometimes in the nostalgia of the past
But knowing that the older frame won’t retain my all new picture, so at last…

Slowly and slowly, I loosen the tie
They search for my older self
So I shred a mask with every goodbye…

When we’ll be long gone…

I wonder what it would be like to adore someone when we’ll be long gone.

Will it hold the same emotion?

Will that emotion be truest of the true?

Will the sunshine falling over her face be as awe-inspiring to him as it is today?

Will her heart skip a beat every time to his cute giggle?

Will they look into each other’s eye fathoming how deep their love is?

And if the situation will be just the same, then what would be the scenario ages past that?

Pondering over this topic always leaves me with plethora of possibilities, but the thing that reassures my faith is that love hasn’t lost its meaning down the ages. So, the same will be passed on to everyone.

This reminds me of a paraphrase to the writing of William Shakespeare –

Veni. Vidi. Amavi.

I hope that people remember what binds them together and that they love the Love more than anything else.

Recapturing the lost moments…

​She took a sigh of relief as she heard him say that they have come close to the place.

She breathed in the freshness. Everything smelled so homely and heavenly that she could picturize the feeling in her mind. Imagining what it would look like.

The train stopped and her heart too skipped a beat feeling the inner joy.
There was quite a rush. He took her hand and asked her to follow. But she said – “Wait… Let them all go.. I am not in a hurry, but just can’t resist the excitement of being here…”

After a few minutes, they stepped out.

“Here we are.. Should we take a rickshaw?” asked he
“Let’s walk till there..” asserted she

The weather was cool and they walked hand in hand. She could still feel the shivers she had the first day they held each other’s hands. These shivers did undermine the bitter-sweet coldness of the surrounding.

He was constantly looking at her face, making him love her even more, and she was reminiscing their lovely memories.

Then he told her that they have come under that tree. She smiled and picked up a leaf from the ground. She then, enveloped it carefully with both the hands.

They sat on the bench under that tree. She then, reached to his hands, placed the leaf on his hand and said – “I can’t see the color this li’l thing holds, but it seems that it has become stronger than ever before. It seems that it has overcome all the ordeals and that has made it even better. Isn’t it?”

“Yes dear… That’s truest of the truth” said he

They smiled and he kept that leaf in his pocket.

She then, ran his fingers over the bench, feeling the inner soul of the cold and sturdy bench and said – “…and this is our ever so strong epitome of love…”

“Yes dear. It is just the same” said he

“…and so you are, my love… But unfortunately I don’t have my vision anymore to stare at you the way I used to…” uttered she

He took her hands, kissed them and said – “I am not sure if this tree, its leaves, this bench or anything else is same or not, but what I am sure about is you.. I know that your feelings for me haven’t changed a bit. Our love for each other is more than enough to reignite and strengthen our souls, and that’s what really matters.”

She smiled and they let the love flow through their veins once again recapturing the lost moments.