What if it happens?

What if some day you wake up from this dream of yours?

And all you can realize is that you were not actually living those moments…you were not actually accepting those things… Those were the moments that were capturing you instead.

And then, you are left with the realm of reality that never really existed… But was all framed by your inner self.

You somehow felt that your world was full of all the requisite things… But actually, you were being filled in those worldly things for just another couple of years …

Then you will be fitted in that frame of aftermath of your deeds… and you think that’s death… But actually that’s the reality of life.

So, those are not the moments that you want to attract in your life to make it a happier one… Those are the moments which attract you towards themselves just to give you a few more instants of joy, sorrow, and everything else.

In reality, we are not living the life… this is the life that is living us……till the time another one comes to replace us.. And make our reality a big QUESTION…

Nothing is real… Don’t go for reality…

It’s you and this moment…then it’s someone else and that moment again…

And the process continues……


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  1. oliviascribbler says:

    Very very thoughtful! Loved it. You know how to keep the audience engaged and in wonder. 🙂

    1. That’s a great compliment indeed.. Thanks a lot 🙂

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