“Love”…often we are mistaken in finding the real meaning of love. Some say that love is life; few others say that love is lust, and most of the others are of the view that living together and becoming fond of each other is love.

But, to my surprise, all of them haven’t got even an extract of that eternal love.

According to me, love is not mere attraction, fondness or lust. Love is only an essence to be smelled by someone, desire to be of someone, soul to be unified by someone, a beauty which always remains untouched, a river that is very sacred, a truth which is often unsaid, a wish that wants to be fulfilled, a feeling that is often remains unexpressed; it is the most precious gift of that omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient God, who wants us only to find our paired person.

Let us not make this love merely a hunt or search. Let us wake up and step up to find the essence of that true love…


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  1. jeeturana says:

    Ethereal love well penned down… 😃👌

    1. Thanks for the read and the compliment… 😃

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