Taking my heart away…

Few are the souls making me feel good.

What would have I done, if I could?

Will someone come and join me?

Drag away my loneliness and anxiety?

Will anyone be waiting for me?

For my company and myself being me?

All I wait for is the one,

With a pure heart and just like the sun.

The sun which shines our head over,

Just like a true man wrapping me in a cover.

One like that shining yellow,

Not of gold, but surely not below.

The one waiting and praying for me,

The one in my dreams and legacy.

All I starve  for is the feeling of a day,

As the dark is in a long play.

I wish for the one, reaching my heart’s way,

Just the one, taking my heart away…


One Comment Add yours

  1. Vikash says:

    Awesome and mesmerizing

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