Till eternity…

Treading the path of life alone,

Making my way to the unknown;

Tottering I walked along,

Thinking that you might be waiting and this time, I am not wrong.

The path was full of new blossoming buds and the sprouting leaves,

Accompanying me till the time sweeps.

Distant lights caught my eye,

But, I couldn’t wait as the sky was still high.

The gushing winds deviated me from my way,

The oasis was much beyond and I couldn’t stay.

So, I continued to walk on the road that lead me to you.

New were the faces, new was the world,

In the dismal weather, few sobbing I heard.

The air was full with lamenting and cries,

That the people once beloved,

Wore now sore and pricky eyes.

A sudden echo petrified me,

“Don’t walk along this path, you’ll repent.

And if it is destined, then let it be.”

I told them “I have to keep moving on,

Till the dusk meets the dawn.”

Consoling myself, I peeped into the world of my dreams,

Trudging the desert, quite not as easily as it seems.

My heart beats grew faster as I came closer to you,

Everything perfectly planned by the Lord and less we had to do.

Warm touch of your breath blew off the pains that I got on my way,

Your eyes kindled with joy, which just made my day.

Your smile so soothing and your love so pure,

Nothing in this world, except for you, I lure.

Together, My Love! we’ll walk along.

Dancing to the beats of this divine song,

Travelling different worlds and creating history,

Finally, we met to carve the future with victory.

Never, Oh Dear! we’ll get apart.

I’ll keep you and only you, close to my heart.

We promise to live together forever,

Whatever brings us the tomorrow.

Humming the tunes of affection,

We’ll stand up to every sorrow.

Dwelling to our heart’s content,

In the midst of unknown,

Our love will last till eternity,

And this is what I’ve always known…


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Srinivas says:

    Really well written.

  2. oliviascribbler says:

    Beautiful. left me in amaze. :’)

    1. Thanks a lot for the read and lovely comment 🙂

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