What if we could carve life out of money?

You call it life!!

Everyday you go to earn more and more money letting your life on lease. Then you return to buy a few moments of life with that handful of money.

Yes, life is all about making money because that is what you’ve always been working upon. And now, you are searching for a reason for how the life slipped out of your hands so quickly…

When you’ve accumulated much of the wealth, you think that it is the right time to go on a voyage to understand the meaning of life and to begin your saga of tranquility…

Sorry, but it’s too late now, not because I know your fate, not because your end is near, but knowing the fact that the end will surely come.. as meaning of life lies there within… in living, rather than waiting to live..

Now that you’ve given it a thought, shouldn’t you be investing on living the life, rather than making your life an investment?

The question is “What if we could carve life out of money?”

Clearly, if the answer would have been a big, fat YES, then earning the maximum money could bring you nearest to achieve abundance in life.

But as the question itself is irrelevant, so why waste time thinking about it or working on finding its answer?

Because there have been, there are and there will be people with lesser or more wealth, but what they lost, what they are losing is their time span on this planet.

Though the chase will keep on continuing, but will we be ever as lively and happy as we were yesterday or as we are today?

Something is special in the moonlit sky tonight,

Can’t you smell the freshness of breeze, the calmness of ocean and the resplendence of stars?

Or have they always been the same and I never gave it a thought…


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  1. oliviascribbler says:

    Very true and thoughtful! :’)

    1. Thanks for the read 🙂

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