Resplendent Sequin

There she stands, camouflaged in her vivacity

Or should I call it the best of the masks of her audacity?

People they were, people these are

Just another herd of muttering zombies of mar

Throwing the stains of harshness and aversion

Though there’s nothing that can shudder her devotion

She silently made her way out to the garden of haven

Bluntly killing those imprudent and brazen

Blooming flowers and greenery all around

She could drown in the water of divine affinity and still be ground

Closed her eyes and breathed in all the freshness around

Then peeped in and opened them wide unbound

How come her world vanish into nothing?

Has she lost her thoughts of escapism extremely endearing?

She followed the footsteps and saw a note engraved in the dark,

Remember! Come what may, Sequins never lose their spark

Don’t cry over a lost combat as there are many more battles to be won,

Because a phase might have ended, but the saga has just begun…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. oliviascribbler says:

    Motivational piece! Keep up the spirit :’)

    1. Thanks a lot.. Glad you liked it 🙂

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