The broken wall

There are holes, wounds, scars and everything. But I still stand rigid on the ground serving the very purpose of my being. 

They slam us when they think that the life is harsh on them. They dig holes through us to peep into the life of others. They paint, they destroy, they humiliate us at every instance.

All my fellow walls have been shattered into pieces… They killed them.

Still, standing firm on my might, shedding the cold tears of sorrow and demise; there creeps a fear within my soul.

Indeed it’s my time now to be broken down.. they say that they’ll make something new.. new walls, new building,.. everything would be brand new.. 

Indeed it’s my time now to join my brothers who always held my hands whenever I was quivering..

Indeed it’s my time now to lie with the ruins of those who always gave me a shoulder to lean on..

They slaughtered them and indeed it’s my time now to extinguish that kindling fire inside me.

Indeed it’s my time now to be adorned with the title of just another broken wall..

I wonder what I would miss the most..this ground, these winds, those mountains, these little creatures or the broken cord of my life…


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  1. barki2017 says:

    Reblogged this on PBUH prophets mercy and guidance.

    1. Thanks a lot dear.. Really appreciate that..
      Have a good time! 🙂

      1. barki2017 says:


  2. divya says:

    A well articulated post 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot for the appreciation…
      Have a good time ! 🙂

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